Friday, 9 September 2011

Decisions, decisions. Costume Ideas for SDCC 2012 and tickets are not on sale yet!

So for the next few months (hopefully) I will be blogging a lot about my quest to fulfil an ambition of mine and go to San Diego Comic Con. As it will be my 30th in 2012 I felt it had to be done NOW!

So everyday myself and my mate are clicking the offical website hoping to get some news about ticket sales. But before we do that there are some girly things to get us excited with.... COSTUMES!!

You can't go to Comic con without wearing a costume about at least one day and there are so many ideas to go with. The obvious choice for me is of course, Catwoman, but then I could also go as She-ra, Xena, Red Sonja, you name it. Then there is the price tag. Good quality costumes don't come cheap and my sewing abilities are not what they used to be and i think the words "quick get the sticky back plastic, the top's falling down" will be yelled at least a thousand times.

So yes this does take time, preperation, looking through many a web page, costume store, and comic book to help and inspire me.

Any suggestions wouldbe great, including themes, places to buy good costumes and any experiences about dressing up at Comic Con!

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