Friday, 9 September 2011

Book Review: Reckless by Cornelia Funke

3.5 out of 5 stars

For the first time in his life, Jacob Reckless is afraid. For years he's stolen across to another world. A dark enchanted place he's loved for its treasure, secrets and dangers. Until now. Will, his younger brother, has followed him with terrible consequences: the boy will turn to beast; the girl he loves will break her heart and chaos will rule forever, unless Jacob can spin a fairytale to save them..

My Review:
I have never read Funke's previous books, even though they have have always been books that I have wanted to read. This book is not in the 'Inkheart' series and can be read without reading the others.

The front cover is beautiful and very gripping and makes you want to pick the book up. There are also some lovely illustrations throughout with the book.

The story centres around Jacob whom is trying to find a way to save his brother Will from turning into a Goyl, with the help of Will's Girlfriend and Fox. They go on an action packed adventure.

This is like a classic fairytale with many modern day twists. Funke has taken many influences from authors and other fairytales( Snow white and Sleepy Beauty are mentioned) while not taking away the originality of her own tale. She does use them to help you understand the world that you are follwing and tries to help you plant the imagination seed in your head.

The lead characters are good and I found them to be memorable. I do agree with some other people who have wrote reviews that there are parts of the story where the lack of description in certain parts of the book did become an issue for me, and I found becuase of this, some parts of the story did not flow as well, and I was unable to put myself with the magical world that Funke was trying to portray, and because of this I had to give the book less stars.

Overall a lovely pleasant book, that I am sure will satisfy many people who love the fairytale, fantasy genre.

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