Friday, 9 September 2011

Book Reviews: The Ghost by Robert Harris

1 out of 5 stars

'The moment I heard how McAra died I should have walked away. I can see that now...' The narrator of Robert Harris's gripping new novel is a professional ghostwriter - cynical, mercenary, and with a nice line in deadpan humour. Accustomed to working with fading rock stars and minor celebrities, he jumps at the chance to ghost the memoirs of Britain's former prime minister, especially as it means flying to the American resort of Martha's Vineyard in the middle of winter and finishing the book in the seclusion of a luxurious house. But it doesn't take him long to realise he has made a terrible mistake. His predecessor on the project died in circumstances that were distinctly suspicious, and the ex-prime minister turns out to be a man with secrets in his past that are returning to haunt him - secrets with the power to kill. The Times has called Robert Harris 'the leading current exponent of the intelligent literary thriller'. The Ghost is his most compelling novel yet.

My Review:
Ok now this has had some pretty shocking reviews and some well awesome reviews. I saw this in my local chairty shop before I newa movie was coming out, and seemed right up my street.

This was total and utter... B******s!!!!!!!!!!

My mojo went, I groaned when I picked the book up. Took me WEEKS to read even though it is a fairly short book with pretty big font.

I had no care for the characters. I thought of the book as bland and dull. I just found it was a book for Harris to have a dig at politicians and get paid for it at the same time.... Mate get on twitter, and save both me and my mojo a headache!!!

The last 80 pages were good. There for me was no real shocker. I found some things in the book, just utterly stupid and uncomprehendable, that I was just laughing to myself... Oh come on you can't be serious!

Just utterly pants!

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