Friday, 9 September 2011

Book Review: Chosen by P.C. & Kristin Cast

4.5 out of 5 stars

I guess it had gone okay with Stevie Rae. I mean, she had agreed to meet me tomorrow. And she hadn't tried to bite me, which was a plus. Of course, the whole trying-to-eat-the-street-person thing was highly disturbing ..." Zoey's best friend, Stevie Rae, is undead - in an eww! zombie! kind-of-way, not in a cool vampire kind-of-way. She's struggling to retain her humanity and Zoey doesn't have a clue how to help. But she does know that anything they discover must be kept secret. Trust has become a rare commodity. Sinister forces are at work at the House of Night, where the line between friend and enemy is becoming dangerously blurred. - Not suitable for younger readers ?

My Review:
Ok so my mojo had totally and utterly deserted me. I could not find any books that I could stay interested in. so i decided to go back to an genre that I knew should get my mojo back. I ad no crime books that I had from the library all I had left was the third installment of the HOuse of Night series.

So far I had thought of them OK. I was not that keen on the first one, read the second one and thought it was better. This one was well Hell it got my Mojo back.

It passed a month since the last book. I found that quite hard to get to grips. Was not a big issue but found that quite a short space of time inbetween books. Zoey/Zoeybird/Z is finding it hard coming to terms with what has become of her best friend. I don't want to give anything away of this story. But there are many elements to it. All at some point interlinking. Ok so some of the outcomes are predictable, some of the things are cring worthy, yet. I loved it. I could not turn the pages quick enough.

Zoey's life takes a huge turning point during this book. There are some changes to her, and to the language sje uses. But then sometimes you see this other side to her, that just grinds me gears. Yes readers that is still in this book, but not half as much.

The end was great, and really was a OOOOOOOOO I have to read the next book now!! How is Zoey going to deal with all the results and consequences of what happened in book three. As a result I have already reserved my copy of book four, and I darn well hope I get it soon!

Pros: fast past lots of action and a twisty plot long, brought back my mojo. Loves Aphrodite.

Cons: Zoey can still be utterly annoying at points.           

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