Sunday, 14 August 2011

DVD Review: I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Date of Release: 1990
Genre: Horror/ Comedy

I went round  friends house who is a huge horror and Zombie fan. He had been telling me about this movie for a while and said that one day we would watch it. He is a huge fan and said that he thought it would be right up my street. He mentioned the words.. “Talking Poo” How could I refuse.
A quick summary of the plot without giving too much away.  The film stars with a motorcycle gang killing an occultist. The bike then becomes ‘possessed’ and has a taste for blood instead of petrol.  We then see the motorcycle being bought at a ‘knock down price’ by the main character Noddy played by Neil Morrisey. Not realising that it’s the evil Bike version of Herbie. From then on you are taken on a ride of shocks, gore and just well, plain silliness that only us Brits can do!
This is not for everyone. The name of the film sums it up. It’s not realistic. It is stupid, and only for people who are open-minded and up for a bit of a laugh. a movie made on a shoe string. It has no special affects.  and music that is OTT yet sets the tone of the film. None of the fab actors would expect an award for the acting but thats the point and I felt that it fitted the film perfectly! With some of the funiest killing scenes I’ve watched in a long time. Along with the most surreal storyline ever. This is a film I just LOVED!
If the title, the thought of a talking poo, a bike riding exorcist who happens to carry some pretty leathal weapons, and an inspector with garlic breath doesn’t put you off….. Then Hell go rent this film!!

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