Monday, 15 August 2011

I sooo wanna live in this hobbit house!

NY Times article
Found this on twitter. Someone has posted the link of this article from The New York Times. Called 'A cottage just right for Frodo.'

Mr. Michaels (The Owner) charges $245 a night, and paid about $410,000 to build and furnish it. Taken from the article......There are granite counters in the kitchen, elaborate lighting and a Harmony audiovisual system. A gold ring, which figures prominently in hobbit lore, hangs from a rafter. The rustic wooden furniture is custom-made, and the headboards are embedded with the Hobbit House logo, a hobbit door with a red light — and on the headboards, it’s a real red light.

So where is this 'hobbit hotel'? New Zealand? Nope. Deep in an English Countryside? Nope.

Would you pay $245 a night??

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